Case Study

As part of BiFi´s out-of-home campaign, they asked us to raise awareness and increase in-store demand with nano influencers. We were also assigned to generate claims for further communication activities.

BiFi is a typical salami snack well known in countries like Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. The brand is part of the US company Jack Link’s, which sells meat snacks like dried beef and jerky. Back in the days Bifi was already promoted by famous German football legends like Thomas Müller and Bastian Schweinsteiger. Today, influencers are recommending the delicious snack.

2,000 Nano-Bifluencers  

From over 9,000 applications, we carefully selected 2,000 nano influencers between the ages of 25 and 40 for the campaign. Our aim was to target both existing and new BiFi consumers. In our selection, we made sure to activate a mix of all household types in Germany to analyse the different desires and needs of the broad consumer spectrum. As a big part of BiFi’s target group are families, 70% of our participants were people with kids. The selected nano influencers were able to try out two different flavors of the BiFi Rustic Sticks, Salami and Chorizo. They received 5 packages of each flavor to test and share with friends and family.

Over 26,000 product trials

The selection of different household types allowed us to collect a variety of data and to obtain profound insights about their user behavior. We also had the testers give detailed feedback on aspects of improvement and their personal opinions on product ideas for BiFi. The recommendation rate at the end of the campaign was 83%. This can be used as a seal of approval and integrated by BiFi into other marketing activities, such as social advertising, as a credibility booster. We were also able to measure ROI, which was €9.10 at brand level.


Online Impressions

Offline Reach


Recommendation rate

ROI Brand Level