Case Study

 Brit Care CAt Food

The german pet food company Allco relied on Territory Influence to generate brand awareness for its Brit Care Cat products. Therefore a team of 1.000 well-chosen Nano Influencer with cats were activated to help Brit Care Cat to achieve their goals. They shared their and their cats experiences and enthusiasm about the product and spread the word online and offline. For an optimal experience, each Influencer received a product box with different snacks and flavours for their cats to try. 

A great campaign with real-life product feedback & cute user insights 

The Influencer team generated a total of 1,547.432 online brand impressions. They published 2,718 cute and informative photos and statements on 145,295 people were impacted through personal recommendations and 93% would recommend the cat food products to family & friends. For more content and results have a look at the video and pictures below. 

Nano Influencers

Online Brand Impressions

Published Content Pieces


Recommendation Rate