Case Study

In Autumn 2020, a well known international cereal brand launched a new product range: dry fruit granola and cocoa & hazel granola. In order to raise awareness and educate consumers about these new products, we recruited 2,500 nano influencers on our italian TRND platform. They were all able to taste 2 packs and share 33 small samples during 21 days. Their missions: generate brand visibililty through authentic UGC on social media and product trials among their engaged communities.


+2.3M impressions generated via Social Boost of authentic UGC.

Since the product awareness and online buzz were the main objectives for this campaign, we recommended the brand to sponsor a set of selected content created by the nano influencers. Our guidance during the activation maximized the outcomes, especially in terms of publications with 8.9M organic impressions (vs. an objective of 6M). The Social Boost added 2.3M impressions to the online reach KPI. The cereals were highly approved by the influencers and their community, which can be seen in the quality of the content and their comments.


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