Case Study

In Spring 2021, we helped Hero to promote its range of Corny Bars in Spain. They were looking to increase their awareness and impact on potential consumers within their target audience to encourage them to try the product. They also wanted to generate product recommendation both online and offline.


3,000 consumers to achieve brand goals

To achieve these objectives, we selected 3,000 consumers withing Corny’s target on our platform: men and women who were snack consumers and usually had late breakfasts or brunches. They also had an active life and took care of their health.

After educating all the ambassador through a detail and tailor-made product guide, they tried Corny Bars and shared their experience online. They posted 5,643 contents on social media with the hashtag #CornyMiSnackFavorito, reaching +3.4M organic impression.

Then, we selected 3 interesting and creative contents and boosted them with paid media. This allowed us to achieve +1.1Mio impressions more, so, at the end of the campaign, the 3,000 profiles achieved +4.5Mio online impressions.



Ambassadors as brand advocates

We leverage on these nano influencers profiles to make personal recommendation also offline. By the end of the campaign, they made 839K recommendations to friends and family. They also managed to complete more than 4.7K product trials.

We also gathered some interesting insights: 97% of the ambassadors would recommend Corny to their friends and family, and 91% ensured they would buy the product after the campaign.

Nano influencers

Influencer Content

Online impressions

Offline recommendations

Product trials