Case Study

 In 2022 we activated 3,000 Nano Influencers who shared their experiences and enthusiasm about eismann and spread the word online and offline.
The group of influencers consisted of 83 % women and 17 % men with an age range of 22-55+ years. All of them are new costumers. 

The power of personal recommendations


Besides awareness, the goal was to educate about the usage of eismann and to generate personal recommendations through User Generated Content in social networks. Ratings and reviews were also an important goal. Each Influencer received a digital voucher code.

On top, we guided them through the campaign via handbook and a dedicated website and inspired them with newsletters. All of the Nano Influencers had a cooking affinity and are Freezer owner. 

Great campaign success with 5 million Brand Impressions


We generated more than 5m online brand impressions and a strong word of mouth power with more than 400k offline reach. In addition, the influencers particularly praised the diverse range of food products, the taste and the delivery. Check out the video below! 

Nano Influencers

Online Brand Impressions

User Generated Content

Offline Reach