Case Study
elvital hydra [hyaluronic]

We created awareness for Elvital Hydra [Hyaluronic] with Nano Influencers who are interested in hair care products and use established hair care products.

In total, 6,000 Nano Influencers shared their experiences and enthusiasm about the products and spread the world online and offline. The brand lovers were all female, between 25 and 59 years old and not price sensitive.

Nano Influencers with inspiring & authentic content

Each Influencer received a product box with Elvital Hydra [Hyaluronic] products.

The goal was to create offline and online awareness, educate about the usage and benefits as well as Trails within the desired target group for Elvital and recommendation seal. The Influencers created creative and inspiring content and shared their experiences online and offline with other consumers, friends and family.

96% would recommend Elvital Hydra [Hyaluronic] to their peers

During the campaign, the influencers were turned into brand ambassadors. The refreshing C-2-C communication led to very positive results: we achieved over 7 million online brand impressions as well as an offline reach of over 900k. On top, 96% would recommend the products to their friends and family.

Great campaign and awareness for Elvital as Anushan Vasanthan, L’Oréal Product Manager Elvital, says:

The nano and micro influencer were extremely excited and engaged with the campaign and products by creating numerous authentic user generated content across all different Social Media platforms. Thank you for the great campaign and your support!

Nano Influencers

Online Reach

Offline Reach

Brand Referral