Case Study
L’oréal Elvital

Every hair is different so is the care it needs. Therefore, nano influencers got the chance to find out which of the 4 Elvital hair cares make their hair shine: Dream Length, Color-Glanz, Öl Magique and Total Repair 5. We activated 5,000 influencers – split into 4 teams – to create online & offline awareness, authentic UGC, ratings & reviews through beauty routine experiences at home with real-life product trials.

The campaign was divided into 2 parts: first, the education phase with a campaign website on enabled us to turn influencers into products experts and to talk about e.g. the new brand sustainability concept. Second, the experience phase started with the reception of a Elvital box – the 4 teams discovering their individual hair care with their friends. Additional dialogue via blog articles and newsletters deepened the knowledge about Elvital and inspired the influencers for content creation on strategic touchpoints for L’Oréal.


A beautiful and powerful campaign with over 7.1 Mio reach on & offline.

The influencers live the Elvital routine for 2 weeks, shared their experiences on the TRND campaign blog, social media,, and during personal conversations with their peers. With huge success! Check out the video below to see more details and marketing results.


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