Case Study
NANA™ Intimewear

In France, we helped the brand NANA™ (Essity group) with a Ratings & Reviews campaign to support the launch of their new menstrual underwear Intimewear.

We selected and activated 250 nano influencers from our TRND community. They discovered and tried the new NANA™ Intimewear period panties for heavy or light flows. All of them were dubious about the efficiency of menstrual underwear. To convince them, we educated them on the brand and about the different panties benefits and advantages.

212 Reviews were published on NANA website

After two weeks of activation and product trials, 212 ratings and reviews were published on Nana website. 163 reviews for the “Hispter” reference, and 49 for the “Brazilian” one. Many positive verbatims were generated on the product pages with experience sharing and personal testimonials.

Thank you for this discovery! I tried other brands and I can say that Nana Intimewear has conviced me over 1000%. I finally have absorbent, feminine and invisible panties!”
Valou, TRNDer – 5/5 review

“Great discovery, it clearly made me change my point of view about menstrual panties. I adopted it, I’m a fan!”
Melissa, TRNDer – 5/5 review

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