Case Study

Early 2022, Nuvenia had the challenge to increase brand awareness among their target in Italy and generate valuable conversations between consumers both online and offline. Then, we proposed to run a large-scale campaign with 2,000 ambassadors. Main goals were to generate valuable trials among friends and families and to create content on social media to spread the voice about the benefits of Nuvenia Dailies Fresh & Protect.


Brand Ambassadors turned into brand experts

After big research on our community, we selected 2,000 nano influencers within the target. All were women with an average of 36 years old and were active on social media. 100% regularly used liners, were comfortable sharing personal experience on female topics and were used to organized events with friends. We guided and inspired them through the entire campaign with examples to create quality content on social media and spread the word. The results were 3,907 contents with the hashtag #IgieneIntimaNuvenia published, generating more than 110,230 interactions on Instagram.


Real-life trial & recommendations are also important

The opinion of these 2,000 nano influencers was spread offline as well. They shared samples and discount codes with their friends and families, reaching 515,841 unique contacts behind personal recommendations. 24,447 product experiences were conducted among women, 85% of whom were not users before the project. After the product trial, 92% stated that were considering buying the product within the next 3 months and 86% thought that Nuvelia Dailies was better that the competitors’ product.

Lastly, we collected valuable product insights from our 2,000 ambassadors: 98.4% would recommend Nuvenia Dailies to their peers, 95.3% would buy the product after the project and the overall product impression was 9,4/10.


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Nano influencers

Influencer Content

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Offline product recommendations

Overall product impression