Case Study

In France, we partnered with the Tassimo to help them reach three specific goals: reinforce brand visibility to face competition, educate consumers about the various possible uses of the Tassimo machine, and enhance the brand’s positive perception.

500 engaged nano influencers

Within our TRND community, we selected 500 nano-influencers who were actively involved in creating content on social media throughout the campaign. These profiles, all enthusiasts of gourmet beverages, were guided by a dedicated blog offering various challenges to inspire their content creation. They had the opportunity to discover a complete pack of three different Tassimo flavors, which they could share with their friends and family.

A product rating of 4.7/5

The different varieties of beverages offered by Tassimo were highly appreciated by the ambassadors. Over 99% of participants recommend the products and 98% intend to purchase them after the campaign. Product education throughout the project helped recruit new consumers, reaching an offline audience of 75K through personal recommendations. Tassimo’s product promise was validated and well understood by the ambassadors, who gave it a rating of 4.7/5. In total, 1,128 pieces of content were published on social media, generating an online reach of 1.8 million impressions.

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Tassimo influencer campaign
Influencer campaign for Tassimo
Tassimo influencer campaign
Tassimo influencer campaign

Recommandation Rate

Offline Reach

Online reach


Purchase intention

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