Case Study
 TENA by essity

In 2022, our French team helped TENA by ESSITY Group to raise awareness on its new lingerie and educate about the product benefits. Since 2019, TENA stands for feminism, discretion & modernity. In line with this major challenge, the brand is innovating in 2022 with “TENA silhouette Low Waist”, its new disposable protection lingerie specially designed for moderate bladder weakness and adapting its packaging.

1250 women nano influencers to break the taboo

We selected 1250 nano influencers out of our TRND community, women who were sociable offline and online, to make them discover and try the new panty.

First, we did a strong education phase around the product because the brand wanted to end the taboo around bladder weakness and make it easier to talk about it. During the campaign, the influencers were turned into brand ambassadors. They received different missions shared through blog articles and newsletters. After 6 weeks, they became product experts and were encouraged to share their experience with other women and through social posts.  79% of influencers stated that they would repurchase the product after the campaign.

“I tried the panties with a black dress and an black bra, I felt comfortable and secure while feeling very feminine. I totally approve” Julie.der

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Tena Silhouette
Tena Silhouette
Tena Silhouette

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