Case Study
new Mascara Telescopic Lift

In 2022, we collaborated in Italy with L’Oréal Paris, a renowned brand in cosmetics and beauty products known for its exceptional quality and innovative formulations, to increase the brand’s awareness and specially boost the notoriety of their new Mascara Telescopic Lift online. Thanks to its innovative technology and an exclusive double-hooked bristle brush, this new mascara makes the lashes look longer, curvier and more voluminous for up to 36 hours: for a look that doesn’t go unnoticed! In addition, we aimed to boost online sales conversions improving the brand’s visibility in Amazon.

We selected the best influencers for L’oréal Paris

The first step was to search for the best brand ambassadors in our community. We were looking for women between 25-40 years that were interested in make-up. After a thorough asessment, we selected the perfect nano influencers for L’oréal Paris. They were 150 women who used competitors’ products over L’oréal’s. 76% of them regularly used mascara and 93% were used to buy make-up products online.

Ambassadors educated their followers to boost awareness and consideration

After buying the Mascara Telescopic Lift on Amazon, they tried it and shared their experience through 275 authentic and qualitative content pieces on their social media profiles, achieving more than 1,8 million online potential brand impressions. Their mission was to explain the key benefits of the product, describing how to use it and, finally, show the wow results with TikTok and Instagram videos. First, they recorded themselves after using the product, looking upwards in order to show the super-long eyelashes effect; and then they filmed the before and after. The results in TikTok are worth highlighting: they uploaded 156 creative UGCs reaching +743K impressions.


Rating & Rewiews as a way to increase sales conversion

The ambassadors were invited to share their personal and genuine opinion about the new mascara on the Amazon’s product page. In total, they wrote 142 real and outstanding reviews and rated the product 4.9/5. In this case, as it was a product launch, the Rating & Reviews became an important part of the marketing plan, as they significantly increase the product credibility and, consequently, boost sales conversion.

“I really liked this mascara right from the start because of its brush, which is easy to use and it perfectly lifts up the lashes and curl them during each application. You just need a few applications to get a great result. I found that it lasts all day long without any problems. It doesn’t run and it doesn’t tend to break up leaving those little pieces under the eye. I really liked that it’s also really easy to remove!”  – L’oréal ambassador

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