Case study

In early 2023, we embarked on a collaboration with Garnier to amplify the awareness and boost customer engagement for their Ultradolce Carbone Magnetico hair product range in the Italian market. The range comprised of a comprehensive hair care routine of 4 SKUs: shampoo, conditioner, mask, and solid shampoo, all designed to effectively remove impurities while providing deep hydration to dry hair.

180 nano influencers tried the 4 Garnier Ultradolce Carbone Magnetico products

For this project, we tapped into the power of influencer marketing, appointing 180 nano influencers from our TRND consumer community, all of whom were women who regularly incorporate shampoo and hair mask in their hair care routine. These influencers, who became Garnier’s brand experts, played a pivotal role in propelling the campaign.

2 ambassador groups to achieve Garnier’s objectives

The influencer squad was split into two groups for a strategic approach. The first group was provided with the hair care kit at their homes and tasked to generate genuine and high-quality content on social media to stir online buzz. The second group purchased the product and was given the responsibility to write compelling ratings & reviews on the Amazon product page, as well as generate user-generated content (UGC) on social media. Both groups were instructed to highlight the product’s benefits in all the created content.

Outstanding content and reviews to educate and engage Italian consumers

The ambassadors underscored the product’s lasting and effective purifying and moisturizing effects in their content shared on Instagram and TikTok. In total, they posted 284 pieces of content, which contributed to over 2.9M potential impressions on social media. Focusing on TikTok, the 119 videos posted garnered a staggering 1.4M impressions. Moreover, Garnier received impressive results on Amazon, with 80 positive reviews and an overall rating of 4.1/5.

“It has a very good smell and the hair stays clean for more than 2 days for all those people, who like me, have oily skin, and dry lengths. After a couple of uses I can say that the product is really good and I also recommend it.”-  Nano influencer review on Amazon

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