Case study

Ultradolce Carbone Magnetico, the perfect match for your hair:

 Beginning of 2023 we worked with Garnier on an awareness campaign for the hair product Ultradolce Carbone Magentico in order to achieve greater engagement in the Italian market. The product is a natural cleanser that acts as a magnet to attract sebum, toxins and impurities and is known for its purifying and detoxifying properties, a message to be spread by our influencers.

180 woman became brand experts for this Garnier project

In order to achieve our main objective, we activated 180 woman ambassadors between 25 to 40 years old, who wear looking for haircare products and would create authentic content on social media. The selection was made via our TRND nano influencer community. For the campaign, the ambassadors squad was split into two groups. The first, received the hair care kit for their homes. With the aim, to generate authentic and qualitative content on Instagram and TikTok for a great awareness boost. The second group, got motivated to buy the product in there store nearby – with the aim, write real ratings & reviews on the Amazon product landing page as well as generated content on social media. Both groups had tasks to explain the product benefits and communicate in the most authentic way possible.

Outstanding content and reviews!

In total, our ambassadors created  +300 content pieces, which lead to +2,9K potential impressions on social media. On top, the 119 videos on TikTok lead to +1.4M potential brand impressions . Lastly, we were able to receive outstanding results on Amazon with more than 80 positive reviews and a ranking of 4.1/5.

“It has a very good smell and the hair stays clean for more than 2 days for all those people, who like me, have oily skin, and dry lengths. After a couple of uses I can say that the product is really good and I also recommend it.”-  Review on Amazon

Ultradolce Carbone Magnetico
Influencer Camapign for garnier
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