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IDEE kaffee

Over 100 years ago, the IDEE KAFFEE brand was born out of a clever idea – namely the Darboven steam refinement process, in which the green coffee is coated with steam before roasting. With the relaunch of its brand design, the traditional brand once again wants to demonstrate its new, creative and innovative ideas and create more awareness for IDEE KAFFEE. 

In spring 2023, TERRITORY launched a nano influencer campaign on the platform to draw attention to the new packaging design and the IDEE KAFFEE brand as a whole. The campaign goal was to be achieved with authentic UGC on social media and honest ratings and reviews of the products.

500 creative nanos for Idee Kaffee

For that goal, 500 nano influencers were selected from our trnd platform, including numerous passionate coffee drinkers, connoisseurs and lovers who were not yet familiar with the brand. The starter kit included three different flavours to try, each of which could be tested as beans or in the ground version. Depending on their preference, the participants were divided into two teams: “Team Whole Bean” and “Team Filter Coffee”. In addition to the coffee, the nanos received 10 coupons to give to relatives and friends, which generated additional WOM.

+667 k online impressions

Regular surveys over the entire campaign period revealed very positive results, as well as numerous ratings and reviews. The excellent flavour, aroma and interesting product design scored particularly well with the testers. Although the majority of nano influencers (71%) were previously unfamiliar with the brand, 74% would favour IDEE KAFFEE over other coffee brands. These findings were also reflected in the high recommendation rate of 96% and the purchase intention of the testers after the campaign (81%).

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TERRITORY x Idee Kaffee

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