Case Study

In June 2022, we supported for the first time in France a Tech School, by conducting a survey about profesionnal reorientation. Ironhack provides intensive trainings in Web Development, UX/UI Design, Data Analysis and Cyber Security online or face-to-face, full time or part time. The school enables the greatest number of people to undertake a professional reorientation. In this case, our main objectives were to evaluate people’s interest in career change and digital training, develop Ironhack’s awareness & drive traffic on its platform in order to create conversions, which means training subscriptions.

2 500 survey respondants to a major professional about conversion survey

We activated 2 500 nano influencers from our platform for this major survey on this hot topic. We carefully selected them according to the school criterias. The respondants were either in the process of professional reconversion or had the intention to change careers, or either knew someone who had this intention, or just wanted to give their opinion on the subject.

This one-month survey included 24 questions divided on 2 main subjects defined with Ironhack: generalities on professional conversion (motivations, perception, financial aids…) and Ironhack school (awareness, USP…).

“This campaign enabled us to measure people’s interest in a career change in the tech sector and also understand their motivations and their pain points to undertake a course in order to adapt our offer and our communication.”, Manon Roux, Growth Manager of Ironhack.

After collecting the results and making the assessment, we were then able to give them key learnings and concret next-steps. In a second step, we reactivated the nano influencers who had expressed an interest into Ironhack Tech School with a special offer! An individual scholarship. During this nano influencer survey, 56 new applications were already identified by Ironhack!

“The presentation of the results, the recommendations and the actions to be taken were clear and complete, which allowed us to adapt our strategy and obtain immediate results. We had never worked with an influence agency before and we were seduced by the professionalism and the ability of the team to deploy a global influence strategy”​, Manon Roux, Growth Manager of Ironhack.

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