Case Study

Care+protect was interested in increasing brand awareness among the target and generating valuable conversations between consumers to boost traffic and sales during Amazon Prime Days in 2021. We activated 750 ambassadors and 6 macro influencers to impact the largest number of new potential consumers and generate valuable recommendations both online and offline.


Really engaged ambassadors

We leverage on our TRND platform to select 750 nano influencers. They were household decision makers, had an Amazon account and were used to buy housefold products online. 96.5% have never used Care+protect, either because they didn’t know Care+Protect (81%) or because they knew the brand but never tried it (15.5%).

During the campaign, we gave them specific call to actions to share their experiences with all the Care+Protect products we had sent to their homes: laundry, dishwasher, descaling and degreaser products. They uploaded 1,613 contents on social media with the hashtag #ElettrodomesticiFelici, reaching 34,918 interactions on Instagram. They also increased by +4,000 followers the brand’s Instagram account.

Additionally, to create an impact offline, they handed out 7,635 samples among friends and family, 95% of whom had never tried Care+Protect products before. Our ambassadors managed to reach 244,000 unique contacts with offline recommendations. After their own experience, 83% stated that these products were better than the competitions’ ones.


How to boost conversions on Prime Days

Simultaneously, we selected 6 macro influencers food lovers and interested in homecare with a total of 821,500 followers. We asked them to educate their followers about the products through 3 stories to boost conversions on Prime Days. The results were amazing: 276,053 impressions with an average engagement rate of 3.5% and a total of 5,605 organic clicks on the swipe-up link.

To maximize the impact, we selected two of the top contents and promoted them through paid media boost during Prime Day to reach more potential consumers within the brand’s target. We pushed the swipe-up clicks up to 15,962 and the impressions to 1,512,352.


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Offline recommendations

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