Case Study

The German toy company Ravensburger was looking for suitable possibilities to advertise the interactive, audio, and digital learning and creative system tiptoi® CREATE within the relevant target group. Besides increasing awareness offline and online about the new product, the toy producer wanted authentic Consumer-Generated Content and credible recommendations among parents.


A successful campaign thanks to the perfect Influencer-Mix

Thanks to TERRITORY Influence’s extensive selection mechanism, we were able to identify not only the most 150 suitable families who formed the Nano Influencer team, but also one Macro Influencer, who best accomplished the target group criteria of the product. The combination of Nano Influencers, who had at least two kids of a certain age and already had a tiptoi® pen at home and one Macro Influencer, who also had a big audience within the suitable target group, proved to be the perfect influencer-mix to satisfy Ravensburger’s needs. While Nano Influencers were responsible for product trials and peer-to-peer recommendations, the Macro Influencer boosted the brand visibility online within the relevant target group thanks to a blog article, a Youtube video, and social media.

Nano Influencers

Online Impressions

Offline Recommendations

Premium Trials

Macro Influencer

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