Case Study

During the month of Halloween, we supported a Demak’Up innovation (Essity Group) by increasing its awareness and brand engagement. We made people talk about the new products to spread recommendations based on real-life experiences and creative content. End goal: recruit new customers for Demak’Up and generate short-term traffic to stores in order to boost the product sales.

To do so, we have selected and activated 1,000 French beauty addicts who had sensitive skin and who were already using a cotton to remove their makeup. All were registered to our TRND community, and 18% of them were (unpaid) micro influencers – i.e. having between 1,000 and 50,000 followers on social media – especially Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok.

2 Mio reach thanks to a seasonal concept stressing the product benefit.

After 4 weeks of activation and product trials, the influencers were convinced of the Demak’Up product efficiency. Only 14% knew the product before the campaign and after the experience, 87% of them intended to purchase it. Enthusiastic, they shared their discovery on every channel: offline & online. 6,000 posts were published on social media with funny “before/after” of Halloween make up removal. Lots of authentic videos were also produced on Instagram & Tiktok to prove the effectiveness of the cottons in music. Scroll down for more results!

Demak'Up x Territory Influence
Demak'Up x Territory Influence

Nano & Micro Influencers

Online Reach

Offline Reach

Brand Referral