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We had the great pleasure of working with the brand from Plants, which focuses on the relationship between humans and plants by developing original natural supplements based on compositions of plant extracts.

The main objective of the campaign was to create a buzz on social media to support product sales. from Plants also aimed to increase brand awareness online, collect credible product reviews and generate quality content.


300 nano and micro influencers as discoverers of the power of plants

The campaign involved 300 nano and micro influencers who are passionate about healthy living and using plant-based methods to enhance their natural abilities.

Each participant received a VIP starter kit with 3 supplements (Good Sleep for a restful sleep and easier falling asleep, Less Stress for more stress resistance and Deep Focus for an easier entry into focus) and a welcome letter.

The true power of plants – 3.7 million campaigns achieved

High-quality influencer content published on Instagram and Facebook under the hashtags #discovermocroslin #fromplants inspired audiences to use natural ways to take care of recovery, immunity or stress relief.

1364 unique pieces of content were created by project participants. By working with the creators, more than 700 people had the opportunity to test the natural supplements from Plants.

Campaign participants shared their opinions and experiences with the brand. 96% of project participants would recommend the products to friends and family and 85% are determined to purchase the products after participating in the campaign.

During the campaign, the brand received a lot of positive feedback about the products, both on social media and on the official website:

“I use the supplement ‘Deep Focus’. Revelation! I do not feel as tired as usual, I am more focused and all the tasks to be done are nicely ordered in my mind. No chaos in the daily tasks. I recommend it to others.” Weronika

”Good Sleep is so far the only supplement of yours I could test and I am impressed. The sleep is really intense, as is the recovery during sleep.” Tomasz

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