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In France in 2021, we built a sustainable influencer Marketing plan to support Naturactive (Pierre Fabre Group), an expert brand of essential oils, phytotherapy and natural healthcare and thus move from being a reference to preference brand. We therefore focused on conveying its promise and its new signature “Naturative, Nature at the heart of your health“, increasing the visibilty of its products and strong USP (Unique Selling Propositions), as well as boosting its listing in (para)pharmacy in order to increase its product sales. 

520 Nano & 230 Micro unpaid Influencers for Assaini’Spray

We launched the first Naturactive’s campaign in October 2021 with Assaini’Spray, an indoor purifier effective on Covid-19. This influencer campaign was integrated in a 360° media plan to complement traditional media results, such as Radio and OOH. We activated 520 Nano & 230 unpaid micro influencers who managed to reach 1.1Mio contacts online thanks to 2,300 creative posts on Social Media. The Marketing team who tracked the brand business performance noticed a strong impact on the sell-out which increased by 75% – the brand gaining 10pts of market shares! The influencers also boosted SEO : Google searches went from 0 to 3,000 and 120 reviews were spontaneously generated

#MarketingTips: “Go for an in & out store influence. Influencer Marketing must be a part of a real Marketing strategy, a 360° or a real annual product activation reflexion“. Marina Ozon, Product Manager Naturactive

960 Nano & 140 Micro unpaid Influencers Do It Yourself Campaign

We then continue our collaboration with The Do It Yourself projet. A box was sent to 960 Nano & 140 Micro unpaid influencers and was one of the most generous ones we ever offered to our community on It clearly helped to educate influencers in oil mixes. This campaign generated an online reach of 3.1Mio (x7.7 vs objective) and 2.1K reusable visuals which could be reused afterwards by Naturactive. Offline, the peer-to-peer conversations and recommendations led to a 174K offline reach.

Thanks to these two teams of nano and micro-influencers activated at different times of the year and for different types of products, the awareness of the whole brand increased. On the digital sphere, this  2-step plan generated a total online reach of 4.2Mio, and 5.4K user-generated content, which convinced Naturactive to call again our experts team for a second plan in 2022. This year, they will go for 4 campaigns, with a challenging objective of 6Mio online reach and 7K online content.

#MarketingTips: “Ask yourself the question of impact: what is the impact, the objective of your campaigns. Whether it is sell-out, Marketing or USP… To keep your actions on track.Thibault Mares, Brand Director, Naturactive

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