Case Study
neutrogena bright boost

In 2021, we launched a campaign in Hungary to support Neutrogena by increasing the awareness of Neutrogena Bright Boost. We did that by selecting and activating 500 nano & micro influencers.

During the selection process, we picked those who use skin care products regularly, experience dehydrated, dry skin as well as the first signs of aging. Furthermore, they are active online within their personal network and enthusiastic community. Our influencers passed product samples to their friends and confirmed the effectiveness of the product through personal conversations.

Thanks to real-life product experiences and online buzz on social media we managed to increase awareness for the product.


We experienced 96% purchase intention

During the 2 weeks of product education via the campaign materials: project kit, a dedicated microsite, and 1:1 communication, the influencers were experiencing the product’s advantages.

After this phase, 96% of influencers recommend the products to their peers, and 90% agree that thanks to Bright Boost their facial skin became brighter and full of life. This positive feeling was spread via offline conversations and social media posts, especially on Instagram.

They needed to publish the contents with #brightboost and #brightboostragyogás hashtags on their social media platforms.

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