Case Study
Caudalie Vinoperfect

We supported the relaunch of the Vinoperfect skincare products range by launching a European plan of influencer campaigns in France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, and Germany in Spring 2018. In total, 8.900 influencers got recruited on our TRND communities of unpaid members. Aged 20 to 50 years old, the selected women were all non-consumers of Caudalie and had problems with stains as well as complexion radiance.


A multi-country campaign with a 91% brand referral across touchpoints.

After two months, the strong product education, 1:1 dialogue, and beauty routine experiences resulted in 2.4Mio peer-to-peer conversations across Europe. In the online world, 21.000 contents were published on social media and blog platforms – reaching over 4.3Mio contacts. Product ratings and reviews were also posted on beauty-specialized or e-shop websites to improve the brand e-reputation and sales conversion. Beyond authentic testimonials, the campaign had a sales impact through exclusive promotional codes that were shared by the Nano & Micro Influencers to encourage their friends & family to buy the Vinoperfect solutions.

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