Case Study

Campaign Overview

In February 2021, we launched a campaign in Hungary aimed at increasing awareness of Hamé Veggie products through real-life product experiences and online buzz on social media.

Ambassador Selection

We enlisted 750 nano and micro influencers who regularly observed meat-free or veggie days, valued a healthy diet, and actively engaged with their communities about their dietary choices. These influencers were selected not only for their online activity and presence but also for their enthusiastic and supportive communities.

Key Learnings & Results

After two weeks of product education and hands-on experiences:

High Conviction Rate: 99% of the influencers were convinced by the taste of Hamé Veggie products and enthusiastically recommended them.Positive Spread: The influencers shared their positive experiences through various content on social media, blogs, forums, and other online platforms, generating a widespread positive sentiment towards the products.

This strategic approach leveraging authentic voices in the community resulted in a successful campaign that significantly boosted awareness and favorable perceptions of Hamé Veggie products.

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Online Reach


Nano & Micro influencers


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