Case Study

In France, we helped the brand Illy to improve their online and offline notoriety. Especially, increase awareness of their Italian know-how coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso coffee machines.

We activated 9 500 coffee lovers to taste Illy

We selected 9500 nano and micro unpaid influencers out of our TRDN database. 98% of them systematically offer coffee to their guests and drink coffee themselves. They all own a Nespresso machine and are about 40 years old.

They received a welcome card, samples with coffee capsules of Classico, Classico Lungo and Intenso, and coupons to share and activate offline.

They had four weeks to realize all our best challenges shared through blog articles and newsletters on After tasting the different products, they shared their opinions and experiences online with their community and offline with relatives.

Aurélie F : “ Tasting an Illy coffee is a journey for the senses, the warmth of the cup under my fingers, the view of a smooth foam, the aroma of the coffee beans on the tongue and the subtle yet strong smell of Arabica. And the Illy capsules that call to me every time for a sweet break…

The campaign was a great success and generated more than 47K product experiences. 96% of the ambassadors would recommend Illy thanks to its taste, its intensity and its compatibility with the Nespresso machines.

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