Case Study
Mahón-Menorca cheese

Mahón-Menorca D.O.P. cheese is a typical cow’s cheese from the spanish island Menorca which is still made with a traditional millenary process. It has a particular square shape with rounded edges and a characteristic orange color, which makes it a unique product. There are 3 varieties: “Tierno”, “Semicurado” and “Curado”. Geoclimatic factors (soil characteristics, temperature, humidity, light, etc.), together with the human element (elaboration process and traditional ripening methods), play a decisive role in determining the final characteristics, aroma and flavor of Mahón-Menorca cheese.


Creativity as the essence of a influencer marketing strategy

In 2023, in order to boost the online awareness of this particular cheese and increase its penetration in the province of Catalonia in Spain, we came up with the creative concept: “If we don’t go to Menorca… Menorca shall come to us!”. With a single mention of the island, the whole campaign would breathe its aura, its wind and its light, through words, images and memories. We used this idea to generate challenges that would generate the participants’ engagement and would also ensure great results.

How did we select the profiles of the influencers?

The brand’s target was women and men around 30 years old who were cheese lover and lived in Catalonia. Once the campaign idea was defined, we selected 520 nano & micro influencers on our community within this parameters. They were cheese fans living in the targeted Spanish province, 70% of whom had never tried this type of cheese before. 64% of the team had +1,000 followers on their social media profiles.


Tactics to engage the brand’s team

We educated the participants about the 3 types of Mahón Menorca cheese and, then we challenged them to share in their social media profiles a photo of a delicious cheese board with nuts, fruits, breads… served with their favorite drink. To inspire them and make sure they generate quality content in line with what the brand was looking for, we sent content examples we created ourselves showing perfect ways to present the cheese board.

In a second publication, we invited them to share a picture trying the Mahón cheese with their partner, friends or family together with the message: “If we don’t go to Menorca, Menorca comes to us!”. In this way, we aimed to express that by tasting this traditional cheese, one feels transported to this beautiful island. Those participants who had visited Menorca, added pictures of their trip in the carrousel.


Strategic planning unleashes surprising results

The ambassadors generated 4,315 product trials – this means that every participant triggered 8,3 trials! Online, with more than 1,000 UGCs they uploaded to social media, they generated +1,3M organic impressions. With the objective of increasing notoriety, we boosted the best contents with paid media, reaching +1,4M more impressions. So, in total, we obtained +2,7M brand impressions.

Finally, we gathered interesting insights from the participants. They highlighted that what they liked the most about the cheeses were their taste, texture and quality. 95% of them ensured that they would buy them after the campaign and 87% stated that Mahón-Menorca cheeses were better that others they tried before.

“I loved sharing this experience of tasting these cheeses with my friends and family and being able to combine them with other elements (olives, crackers, wine or other beverages) to enjoy them more and highlight their flavor. We didn’t know that Menorca had such a good cheese. It was quite a discovery and we will surely try to eat it there, once we visit the area.”  – micro influencer

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