Case Study

Metagenics leads the global production of high-quality micronutrition, focused on promoting healthier and happier lives with products backed by science and formulated with the finest ingredients in optimal doses. 

In 2023, we partnered with them to increase awareness of their new range of vitamin D, Vitamin D 400 and Vitamin D 2000, which contribute to the proper functioning of the immune system and maintain strong bones. To promote the consumption of micronutrition products, it is crucial to educate the brand’s target audience about the benefits of introducing vitamins into their daily diet. 

The objective was to increase Metagenics brand awareness in the highly competitive Vitamin D category so that consumers choose it over all other options in the market. 

We selected influencers who care about their health to help us achieve the objectives

Metagenics aimed to reach men and women, aged 25 to 60, with an active lifestyle and concerned about their health. Therefore, we created an influencer marketing campaign for which we selected 200 nano influencers in our community who met the brand’s requirements. 20% of them claimed to follow a completely balanced diet, and 70% said they led a healthy lifestyle, with some deviations. All participants have taken at some point in their lives or currently take vitamin D, but only 10% used the Metagenics brand. 

Additionally, to enhance the campaign’s reach, we selected 2 micro paid influencers who paid special attention to their health, one with a family-oriented profile and another focused on lifestyle. Once we assembled the team of ambassadors, they received a pack of Vitamin D, along with all the information about the product’s features and how to use it in their daily lives. 

More than 4,5 million impressions on social media

After trying the vitamins, the nano influencers posted 325 UGC on social media that garnered +540k organic impressions. We managed to expand the campaign’s impact thanks to the micro influencers who achieved +3,6M incremental impressions between organic results and the paid media boost that powered their content. 

The ambassadors were very satisfied with the product, rating it 9.8/10. Additionally, 100% of the participants stated that they would recommend Metagenics Vitamin D to their friends and family. This was reflected in the 105 positive reviews obtained from the brand on e-farma and 1000farmacie: 

“Practical and effective: the convenience of having a single product for the whole family. Natural, pleasant-tasting, and easy to take in its granulated form.” – nano influencer

Effective daily support supplement to strengthen and defend the body naturally. I also recommend it because it is very practical, easy to take, and has a good taste… it really exceeded all expectations!!!” – nano influencer

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