Case Study

In 2020, we launched a trial campaign for Phergal in Spain. They wanted to increase the awareness of Naturtint, a permanent hair coloring brand, using combined influencers strategy and a mix of platforms. The objective was to generate online buzz through real-life user experience.

Then, we selected 50 women with normal to gray hair between 24-45 years old on our platform. Additionally, we recruited a macro influencer with +403K followers on TikTok. Their mission was to try the product and share their experience and opinion with their followers. In this way, we would increase the brand visibility online.


Combining TikTok and Instagram increases a campaign’s reach

We developed a 3-week activation where we first educated them about the product, its benefits and the way to use it. They received the Naturtint pack and we gave them specific call-to-actions to generate content with the hashtahgs #TinteChallenge an #NaturtintColor, and share their feedback.

During the campaign, we sent them clear challenges to complete on Instagram and TikTok. Every influencer shared its experience and educated on how to use the product, uploading photos and videos dyeing their own hair, or helping their mom’s, grandmother’s, sister’s or friend’s dye their hair in their houses. Combining TikTok and Instagram helped us reach a higher audience. The consumers were really satisfied with the product, rating it 5,3/7. Additionally, 85% of them approved the product USP and stated that “it lasts longer than other dyes“.

Macro influencer TikTok
Naturtint TikTok challenge
Naturtint TikTok challenge

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