Case Study

During Spring 2019, we managed an online influencer campaign to increase the awareness and visibility of the PixPax application based on positive experiences of photo ordering. 500 Nano & Micro Influencers – 100% Millenials with an average age of 28 years old – were activated on our engaged community. 91% of them were women, and all were very active on social media and liked to take pictures with their smartphones. 73% also used to print regularly their pictures. The entire team was enthusiastic about this service launched by Kodak Alaris.


A very colored and viral campaign on social media, esp. Instagram.

After 3 weeks of experience, the influencers enjoyed PixPax and 77% of them stated that they will use the application again. 91% of influencers using a competitive application recommended finally PixPax. They explained that they adopted the service because of the ecological aspect of the brand, the quality of the pictures and the ‘fair’ pricing. They were also convinced by the slogan “PixPax, for vintage, eco-friendly, stylish and inexpensive photos” and translated their enthusiasm with over 770 authentic contents on social media.

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