Case Study

In mid-2023, we partnered with Salus, a renowned company for its natural medicinal products, to conduct an influencer marketing campaign for their product Salus Kindervital in Spain. This delicious dietary supplement contains a range of vital nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D that help children in their normal growth, as well as bone development and maintaining a healthy immune system. 

Salus’s objectives were to increase the visibility of Salus Kindervital, as well as educate about its usage and the benefits it provides when consumed. The target audience was people between 30 to 40 years old with children under 11 years old who were interested in ensuring their children have a healthy and nutritious diet, and who value products with natural ingredients. 


300 children under 11 years old tried Salus Kindervital 

To achieve Salus’s goals, we developed an influencer marketing strategy that included product trials with consumers within the brand’s target audience, creation of quality content on social media, and product reviews on Amazon. We selected 300 content creators from our TRND community (260 nano and 40 micro influencers) who belonged to the brand’s target audience. It is worth mentioning that 89% of the participants were not familiar with Kindervital before the campaign. 

The selected influencers received a pack containing a backpack, the product, and a booklet with detailed information about the product, how to take it, and its main benefits. They were invited to try Salus Kindervital and share their experiences on social media, explaining how this product helps their children stay healthy and energetic. 


More than 2.6M online impressions to boost product awareness 

380 pieces of content were published on social media, resulting in +900k organic impressions. After applying paid media boost to @mamistwo‘s content, +1,8M incremental impressions were achieved, totaling almost 2,7M impressions for Salus. Additionally, 30 reviews were written on the Amazon product page with an average rating of 4.7/5. 

At the end of the campaign, Salus ambassadors highlighted the product’s taste, with 90% of them stating they would recommend the product to others: 

“I find it an interesting supplement for those moments when children need an extra boost, either because they have been unwell. My son really likes its taste, and when he takes it, he says it gives him Ninja energy, so everyone is happy!” – Amazon review 

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