Case Study

In 2021 we activated 500 ambassadors who were purchase decision makers and were in charge of house cleaning. They were over 25 years old, 96% of them uses microfiber and 75% cleans once or twice a day. Their mission was to publish content on social media to spread the voice about the effectiveness of Spontex products.


The power of rating & reviews

During the campaign, we invited the 500 nano & micro influencers to use the products and share their experience on social media with the hashtag #BenvenutoPulitoConSpontex. We gave them tips for creating creative and interesting content for their followers. At the end of the campaign, they have published 1.919 contents on their profiles: this represents three times the initial target! We also asked them to follow the official Spontex IG account, which increased the number of followers by +2.000.

On the other hand, we ask them to share their opinions offline through personal recommendations. To help them with this, we gave them special discount codes to share with their family, friends and followers. Their managed to reach 72.416 unique contacts offline.


Relevant consumer information

Furthermore, we gathered valuable insights from these 500 consumers. After using the products, 99,7% would recommend Spontex to their peers. This is +5% compared to the brenchmark for home care campaigns. In addition, 97,3% ensure they would buy the product after the campaign and 96,5% agrees that Spontex products are more effective than competitors’ ones.


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