Case Study

We supported the launch of a cheese brand by developing its awareness on both channels: offline & online. By turning 1,000 unpaid influencers (nano & micro) into LE COQ ambassadors, we multiplied the number of tastings among the target group. The experience-based conversations and content helped the brand to educate consumers about its positioning, product benefits and consumption moments.


93% purchase intention after the brand experiences.

After receiving a welcome pack at home including product vouchers, the ambassadors went to the store to get their fresh cheese and start the real-life experience. Cooking challenges, coupon sharing, gourmet posts… They accomplished their influencer missions, reported their activity on our community platform TRND and shared their feedback & insights through a final marketing questionnaire.

98% stated that they would recommend the new brand to their friends and family members. The product was rated 4.7 out of 5 which improved the newly built e-reputation on Google. Another powerful social proof for the web users that might not have been exposed to the 3,700 influencer posts on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Scroll down for more campaign results, including offline & online reach!

It is true that our experience with TERRITORY Influence (a first for us 😊 ) went very well, with a team that listened to our issues, delivered high quality results and a strong commitment from the TRND community. A very innovative activation (at least for Savencia), which allows us to open up new avenues in the “consumer experience” area by working in a very fine way on brand awareness and consideration.

Lucie Paulin, Senior Brand Manager (Bresse Bleu & Le Coq) at Savencia

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