Case Study

During the summer of 2023, Territory Influence helped Arla Foods, a renowned dairy company, to achieve their strategic goals for the product Apetina, a Mediterranean-style white cheese in cube form. They aimed to increase brand awareness, generate quality content on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok) and boost Apetina sales. Additionally, product education was a central aspect to consider, as Apetina’s features needed to be showcased both in online and offline recommendations. 


A strong creative concept was the key to achieve the objectives 

That’s when Territory Influence devised a campaign focused on product trials and online content creation. We relied on a strong creative concept that highlighted the product’s key features, making Apetina to be top of mind for consumers with a simple gesture. Apetina’s cube shape gave us the cue, and thus emerged “Roll your dice, guaranteed flavor!. We created a dice that included a QR code with a recipe on each of its 6 faces. A dish to make with the flavor and convenience of Apetina, showing how easy it was to serve. So the next step was to challenge the influencers to recreate those recipes and share how they did it on their social media with the hashtag #TiraTusDadosApetina. Because by rolling some Apetina dice, any dish improves! 

100 content creators to boost Apetina  

We launched an invitation on our platform, a community with hundreds of thousands of consumers across Europe, trying to find the best brand ambassadors. Carefully, 70 nano influencers and 30 micro & macro influencers were selected. They were cheese lovers and declared that they regularly bought cheese. Ambassadors received the Apetina cheese dice at home and tried Apetina in different recipes. They documented their product trial with high-quality photos and videos, which they then posted on their social media profiles. Additionally, they gave Apetina to their friends and family and talked about their experiences, sharing their positive opinions. 

An excellent engagement rate that shows the high quality of the UGC   

Regarding the 70 nano influencers, with 570 contents published, they managed to reach more than 2.8M brand impressions. This is an amazing result that demonstrates the great engagement these profiles are capable of achieving online. 

Offline, 9,291 contacts were made through product trials and recommendations. Influencers also gave their opinion on the product and 100% recommend the brand. 

The results for the 30 micro & macro influencers are equally impressive. With 120 contents including reels and stories, over +740K impressions were achieved on Instagram. Their engagement rate is also impressive: 5.9%. 

“A campaign with a differentiated and very successful creative concept in two main attributes of the brand and the product: the format and the versatility of use.”Ainhoa Barrondo, Marketing Director at Arla Foods


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