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Launched in 2021, the cosmetic brand BepanthenDerma offers a range of body products with over 90% natural ingredients. The BepanthenDerma Sensicontrol range provides a complete solution for a healthy, soft and smooth skin.
In France, we recently launched an influencer marketing campaign aimed at increasing the brand’s online visibility, educating consumers on proper product use, and recruiting new customers by encouraging them to incorporate BepanthenDerma into their daily moisturizing routine.

The perfect mix of influencers to achieve the goals

To ensure the success of this campaign, we carefully selected 1000 unpaid nano influencers from 10,000 applications within our TRND community. These influencers were exclusively women between the ages of 25 and 49 who regularly purchased product from pharmacies and drugstore. We specifically chose individuals with dry to very dry skin who also had a preference for natural products. Throughout the project, we engaged them through ongoing education and dialogue mechanism.

We also selected 2 macro influencers (@cindypoum and who had a substantial following of 150K to 500K, as well as 3 micro-influencers (@theprettyyusmu, @chloegsl, and @only_cathy) who had between 20K to 50K followers. These influencers specialize in lifestyle and beauty content creation, aligning perfectly with the brand’s values and image. They were enthusiastic about highlighting the brand and showcasing the benefits of the product.

After a few weeks of using the product and gaining expertise, the influencers shared their positive experiences with their friends and family through word of mouth. Additionally, they created 1,721 reusable visual assets for the brand on social media. By the end of the campaign, they were fully convinced of the product’s effectiveness, with 97% validating its USP and 94% expressing their intent to repurchase.

“This product has been incredibly effective and has been embraced by every member of my family. Unlike other creams, it doesn’t leave an unpleasant greasy feeling on the skin after application. Within just three days, it had moisturized my skin to perfection. It even saved my elbows and face from the harsh effects of the cold weather. I highly recommend it to anyone suffering from dry skin.” SOPRECIOUS

Our team of paid influencers, on their part, created high-quality content that was promoted on Instagram through 5 Reels and 5 Stories each. This resulted in a total of 525,000 impressions and an engagement rate of 3.8%.

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Influencers for BepanthenDerma
Influencers for BepanthenDerma
Influencers for BepanthenDerma
Influencers for BepanthenDerma

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