Case Study
Philips OneBlade

For Philips OneBlade razors, we recruited a team of 130 nano & micro and 5 macro influencers in Hungary. The goal was to generate premium trials and savvy, quality online content, especially videos (unpacking, testing, tips) and ratings&reviews, so the brand can authentically communicate about the unique product advantages. The participants had many missions to follow, and we supported them with educative VIP content and provided the products during the brand experience. The macro influencers supported the nano & micro team with more visibility and creative content ideas.

374 quality influencer content for awareness & brand communication.

Overall, we supported Philips with over 350k online reach (and it’s growing, thanks to the continuous availability of the generated content) and quality content, that the brand still uses in their own communication on social media. We managed to reach the target group through multiple touchpoints (unboxing and test videos, blogposts, photos, reviews and integrated ugc in brand communication). After the brand experience we asked the influencers whether they would recommend the product, and we got a 97% recommendation rate, which proves the success of product trials. Scroll down for the results!

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Lavazza Case
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