Case study

We have established a partnership with the renowned brand Purina® PRO PLAN®, which offers complete and balanced pet food. The aim of the campaign was to give dog owners the opportunity to try the products and to increase awareness of Purina® PRO PLAN® Dog Small & Mini by generating online reach through authentic content created by consumers.

Our Actions:

Influencer Activation: We collaborated with 1000 influencers with varied reach, including 3 macro influencers with strong profiles on social media.

Influencer Education: We provided comprehensive education about the product to the influencers, encouraging them to share their opinions online. Our goal was for influencers to be well-informed about the features and benefits of the product, which would affect the authenticity of their recommendations.

Initiating Dialogue and Product Testing: We conducted effective dialogue initiation among consumers (Word of Mouth), encouraging them to share their experiences after trying Purina® PRO PLAN® Dog Small & Mini products. We also carried out product tests to provide influencers and their followers with credible opinions on the quality of the food.


Thanks to our efforts, ambassadors published 1986 unique online contents, reaching a total audience of 3.456 million. The campaign results were impressive: 96% of participants would recommend the product, and 90% of them are decided to purchase in the future. The campaign not only increased brand awareness of Purina® PRO PLAN® Dog Small & Mini but also elicited positive reactions among consumers, building trust in the product. This was a successful use of influencers in promoting pet products.

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