Case Study

In August-September 2019, we supported the launch of the new Dolce & Gabbana fragrance for men in France. Our primary focus was the e-commerce visibility and conversion through authentic reviews published by real-life users. We thus activated 100 nano influencers, 100% of men. All were using fragrance regularly and had client accounts on Sephora and Nocibé platforms: the strategic touchpoints of the brand for its product sales. They also claimed to have a strong personality and to be protective – matching thus the values of the new K brand.

180 product reviews with a 4.6/5 rating boosting sales!

After real-life experiences with the fragrance, they all proceeded with their e-commerce mission: rate and review sincerely the product on the French partner platforms. With no incentive or payment, they managed to get 1.8 approved reviews each with a total of 81 on Sephora and 99 on Nocibé. The nano influencers appreciated mostly the scent and the originality of its design. Their authentic testimonials definitely helped the web visitors, looking for a new fragrance or a gift, to make a decision. Scroll down for examples and more results!

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