Case Study
Super Cute

In 2021 we accepted the challenge of helping Color Baby Toys to increase the awareness of its Super Cute dolls among its target audience. To do so, we selected 300 Spanish nano & micro influencers whose mission was to generate quality and credible content on social media.

300 nano & micro influencers were specially selected

Our first job was to select the Super Cute team: parents of children between 3 and 8 years old who were active on social media. Most of them purchased toys without an excuse and, until the start of this campaign, they claimed they didn’t know the brand.

During the whole plan, we educated and guided these 300 families through four different challenges with these dolls, with the objective that they share these experiences on social media. In total they made 865 posts with the hashtags #SuperCute #ColorBabyToys #FamiliaSuperCute which drove +5M potential online impressions (three times the 2020 toy campaign brenchmark). They also boosted the growth of the @colorbaby_toys community on Instagram by +4%.


Influencer engagement is key to the campaign success


The development of these 4 challenges by TERRITORY Influence was the key to this campaign’s success. Parents and children found them so interesting and fun that we obtained a high level of engagement from them. They generated very creative and tender content that had a great impact on the target audience: we had posts with an engagement rate up to 19.3% and super positive comments.

At the end of the campaign, 97% of the 300 nano & micro influencers said they would recommend Super Cute to their family and friends. In addition, 90% said they would buy the product after the action.

“My little girl and I have loved meeting the Super Cute dolls. Sisi has become her inseparable adventure companion and with her we have learned a lot of things to help the planet. Thank you Colorbaby!!” @patrimerenguita

“The content generated and their quality was spectacular, and the impact of the activation was perfectly synchronized with our marketing plan, making this product an absolute sales success for Christmas. For us, TERRITORY Influence is a team of proven trust.” Enrique Molina – Marketing Manager Color Baby

nano & micro influencers

Influencer content

potential online impressions


recommends the product