Case Study
BMW sErie 1

With the launch of the new 1 Series, BMW took a completely new approach to communication: For the first time, the Munich-based car manufacturer was presenting itself with a campaign on the trendy social media platform TikTok in order to be present among younger target groups as well. The Webguerillas agency, another Territory unit, was responsible for the influencer concept.


BMW realized its very first campaign on Tiktok with Territory.

The agency relied on well-known influencers such as Sky and Tami, PatroX and FalcoPunch, who called out the #THE1challenge on TikTok: The social media stars performed a set choreography and then let their followers get creative. The music was provided by the artist Big Gigantic. With a total of 14 million followers, the influencers had the necessary reach and authenticity for this campaign. The #THE1challenge was not only published on BMW’s corporate channel, but also on the channels of the influencers.

With the challenge, BMW focused on a younger target group in order to increase awareness and image towards them. “Brand preferences are established at a young age. When it comes to important investments, the opinion of young people is often one of the deciding factors. They say which brands are hip, which are less so. TikTok is their platform and brands need to make their presence felt here,” says Marlies Bayha, Executive Creative Director at Territory Webguerillas.

TikTok is known worldwide for its short videos with surprising transitions. Every month, over 500 million users actively use the platform, and the app’s downloading is also growing constantly. BMW and Territory also recognize this increasing relevance and want to create entertaining communication beyond typical car advertising with the #THE1challenge, which inspires users to creatively engage with moving images.


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