Case Study

In March 2021 in Poland, we activated 7 Macro Influencers on Twitch to present their way of spending free time with Pringles. Streamers organized 4 live streaming events, hosting each other on and playing various types of games, such as Pummel Party, Among Us, Counter Strike, or League of Legends. Each streamer received 5 tubes of Pringles Original and 5 tubes of Pringles Sour Cream & Onion.


The Pringles brand was set in a gaming context.

We showed that it is possible to spend time with each other during the lockdown, playing games and eating snacks together. This campaign admirably demonstrates how individual brands can be promoted in specific channels like Twitch, while still being introduced in a natural and trustworthy way. Scroll down to watch the case study in a video and see the results!


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