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In France, UK, Hungary and Germany, we have liberated the word about menstruation with Libresse (Nana in France, Bodyform in the UK) through 100% feminine and authentic influencer campaigns. The objectives? Educate women about the brand products, increase its awareness and visibility, as well as recruit new consumers through product trials and content. 3,500 nano influencers were thus activated across Europe, with different teams formed based on their product needs. All were already using sanitary pads day and night. In France, 10 micro influencers were also selected to increase content quality and visibility on social media – with still a high engagement rate.

Breaking the menstruation taboo with women influencers across Europe.

During the campaigns, the influencers were turned into brand ambassadors. They received different missions shared through blog articles and newsletters on After gaining product expertise, they shared their offline experience through social posts, and ratings & reviews on the brand website. It was important for us to select women who had no taboo about their period. The activation month was an opportunity for the teams to freely speak about intimate women care, with Libresse / Nana / Bodyform as a driver for conversation.

This refreshing C2C communication led to positive results in Europe: over 5M online reach for 6,600 social posts. Brand e-reputation was also improved thanks to 6,853 ratings & reviews, with brand referral at 97%. Scroll down to see some influencer content!

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