Territory’s project: the Stones of Beirut

Written by Juliette Maumelat

August 31, 2021

So many units at TERRITORY have worked tirelessly or are contributing right now for the success of this project. Webguerillas, Core, PR, Influence, Media… But, what are the Stones of Beirut? Let’s take a few minutes to remember and to understand our options to help people in need.

To the background…

On August 4, 2020, a massive explosion shook the center of Beirut. Around 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate detonated in the port of the Lebanese capital. 190 people died and more than 6,500 were injured. Around 800 buildings were destroyed or badly damaged, with property damage amounting to over four billion euros. According to the UN, up to 300,000 residents of Beirut lost their roof over their heads. Although the disaster was documented in real time through social networks, global attention quickly waned.

One reason: a special year that was dominated by the pandemic and the US election. The Beirut disaster of the century has quickly faded from the collective memory of the West.

TERRITORY wants to set an example against oblivion

“With journalistic expertise, content and a campaign that is relevant, creative and innovative, we want to show the fate of those affected and tell them journalistically. On the anniversary, we want to create as much awareness as possible for the scope of the explosion and generate a lot of donations in order to help the local people in the long term. The heart of the project is a book: on around 250 pages, renowned authors tell who was hit by the explosion in Beirut, when, how and where. We bring the lost culture of Beirut back from the rubble – in a book made from the rubble of the city. The title Stones of Beirut is to be understood literally.”

Sandra Herzer-Kux, Spokeswoman of TERRITORY

We have been able to win over a team of journalists and photographers who are familiar with the circumstances for the research and production of the content on site. The Stern Foundation supports us with the fundraising campaign; the donations go directly to the local NGO Beit el Baraka.

“TERRITORY can do exactly what such a project needs: generate attention in order to get the much needed help and support for Beirut. By doing what we do best. Journalistic content, eye-catching videos, website design, social media channels, influencer cooperation, nano communities, PR & media reach…

Sandra Herzer-Kux, Spokeswoman of TERRITORY

This is how the non-profit project emerged across all units, even beyond by building bridges to G+J, other partners and organizations. We connect people, places, fates to make it happen. We, at TERRITORY Influence, are proud to participate in such solidarity movement and to give the people of Beirut a voice!