Top 10 lifestyle influencers

Lifestyle influencers to follow in 2024

Written by Begonia Benguet

April 22, 2024

Influencers maintain a unique relationship with their audience on social media by sharing intimate moments of their lives through photos, videos, and stories. By sharing their daily lives, these influencers create a deep connection with their audience, fostering a sense of closeness and mutual trust. For their community, it’s not just about consuming content, but rather living an immersive experience where they can identify themselves, be inspired, interact, and even influence in return.

In this article, Territory Influence highlights the journeys of these influencers who share their lives with their community, thus becoming emblematic figures of lifestyle on social media.

What are Lifestyle Influencers?

Lifestyle influencers can be defined as individuals who use social media to share and promote a particular lifestyle. They create content around various aspects of their daily lives, such as fashion, beauty, fitness, travel, cooking, art, and other activities that embody their identity and interests. These influencers do not focus only on one specific area but integrate different aspects of their lives to inspire and engage their audience. They build a community around shared values, tastes, and preferences and often influence their audience’s decisions and behaviors in various areas of daily life. Thus, lifestyle influencers embody an aspirational way of life and share their experience and advice with their audience to create an authentic and inspiring connection.

Beyond their mere presence on social media, many of these creators have succeeded in turning their initial passion into a thriving career. For some, online entertainment moments transform into real professional opportunities.

Now discover some of our favorite lifestyle influencer profiles!

Top UK lifestyle influencers

Alisha Lemay

Instagram: 172 k followers

Tiktok: 16.5 k subscribers

Alisha Lemay is an English influencer in the lifestyle and fashion industry. With a broad and highly engaged audience, she consistently captivates followers with her insightful tips and diverse fashion sense, spanning from high-end to budget-friendly styles. She often collaborates with brands like PrettyLittleThing and ASOS. Her primary aim is to promote a message of Body Positivity through her social media presence, inspiring the younger generation who avidly follow her.

Top 10 lifestyle influencers

Ambar Driscoll

Instagram: 297 k followers

Tiktok: 228 k subscribers

Ambar is an English social media influencer, and a model. Being a model, she worked with big brand such as Asos, Converse or Reebok. She started on social media by posting selfies and lifestyle photos on her Instagram account and today, she shares video related to her life, travels, fashion, and other interest on her Tiktok account. After lockdown, she decided to create Bamby Collective, a platform where women can make new friends in a positive and safe atmosphere. Ambar and other members post about numerous topics including body image, relationships and mental health, encouraging others to learn about personal growth, how to be kinder to yourself and providing a place to make new friends. She ended up building a big loyal audience on both platforms and winning the ward of Lifestyle Creator of the year in 2021.

Gemma Styles

Instagram: 10,4 M followers 

Gemma Styles is an environmental activist, writer, fashion designer and influencer. She often speaks out on causes such as climate change, workers’ rights, donating blood and more. As a writer, she has contributed to various publications, including Glamour U.K. and Refinery29, where she penned articles addressing pertinent issues such as online bullying and voting guides. Her upcoming book, “Why Am I Like This?” is set to be released in September 2024. She extends her advocacy efforts to her podcast, Good Influence, where she engages in weekly discussions with experts on topics ranging from mental health to sustainability. Beyond her literary and podcasting endeavors, Gemma has ventured into fashion and design with her own brand of glasses and sunglasses.

Zoe Sugg

Instagram: 9,2 M followers

Tiktok: 49.8k followers

Zoe Sugg, also known by her online name Zoella is an English influencer, entrepreneur, and author. She started her career by creating her fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog in 2009. She quickly extended her work to Youtube where she chooses to share fashion hauls, challenges and vlog of her day. Her consistency and authenticity on social media, are the reason of her fame and success today. In fact, she has been active in other field such as beauty, homeware, and writing. She published her first novel Girl Online in 2014 and broke records for highest first week sales by a first-time novelist.  Her success extends beyond social media, and she has become a role model to millions of fans.  She is now a mom of two, sharing friend family content through her vlogs on Youtube.

Lily Pebbles

Instagram: 427 k followers

Tiktok: 40.4 k subscribers

Lily Pebbes is a London based lifestyle influencer. She is known for her authentic reviews and commentary on beauty, style, home and food on her Youtube channel where she has a lot of subscribers following her content. She is the co-host of a podcast called “At Home with” and thanks to the engagement she creates on social media she published her debut book called “The F Word: a Personal Exploration of Modern Female Friendship”.

Alfie Deyes

Instagram: 4M followers

Tiktok: 339.1k followers 

Alfie Deyes is an English YouTuber and vlogger who gained popularity through his YouTube channel, where he initially shared vlogs, travel videos, and challenges. He collaborated with several other successful YouTubers such as Joe Sugg and Jim Chapman, as well as personalities like Ariana Grande. Deyes has been honored with awards such as Best British Vlogger and UK Favorite Vlogger. His social media prominence has allowed him to explore diverse ventures, including writing. In 2014, he published his debut book titled “The Pointless Book,” which garnered positive reception and spawned a series of subsequent releases. Presently, Alfie is a father of two, documenting his daily life through vlogs on YouTube and snippets on Instagram. Additionally, he owns a clothing brand called “Future Self” and a coffee brand with the same name.

Top 10 lifestyle influencers

Top US lifestyle influencers

Emma Chamberlain

Instagram: 15,2 M followers

Youtube: 12 M subscribers

Emma Chamberlain is a famous American content creator who became known by publishing videos on YouTube starting in 2017. She is known for her lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and entertainment videos, in which she openly shares aspects of her daily life, including experiences, tips, and personal reflections. Her authentic and humorous video style quickly propelled her to fame, and her natural sense of humor has helped establish a strong connection with her audience. Over the years, Emma has expanded her presence on social media and collaborated with various high fashion and beauty brands. She has also launched a podcast and her own coffee brand. Additionally, she has become a regular guest at the famous Met Gala, which brings together the world’s most influential celebrities, where she interviews guests for Vogue’s YouTube channel.


Top 10 lifestyle influencers

Addison Rae

Instagram: 35,7 M followers

Tiktok: 88.7 M subscribers

Addison Rae is renowned as a social media personality who gained fame on the TikTok platform for her captivating dance videos and natural charisma. Quickly amassing millions of followers and views, she became a sensation on the platform. In 2024, her TikTok account is the fourth most followed on the platform, with over 88 million followers. Leveraging her social media influence, she has diversified her career into music, film, and fashion, extending her impact beyond the digital realm.

Emily Schuman

Instagram: 606 k followers

Emily Schuman is an American blogger, author, and entrepreneur renowned for her widely-loved blog, Cupcakes and Cashmere. Since its launch in 2008, she has been sharing lifestyle, fashion, beauty, home decor, travel, and cooking advice on this platform. The blog quickly became one of the most influential in the lifestyle sphere, showcasing Emily’s chic aesthetic, and sophisticated style. Through her presence on social media, particularly on Instagram, Emily has gathered a large audience and has become a respected figure in the lifestyle and blogging world.

Kai Cenat

Instagram: 9,3 M followers

Tiktok: 11.7 M subscribers 

Kai Cenat is an American streamer and web video creator, known for his live broadcasts on Twitch and his humorous content posted on YouTube. He started his career during his high school years by posting short videos on Facebook and Instagram, which quickly allowed him to gather a large community to which he is very attached. Thanks to his perseverance on streaming platforms and his passion, he has gained the title of the most followed streamer of all time on Twitch and was honored with the Streamer of the Year award at the 12th Streamy Awards. In addition to his streaming activities, Kai is very active on YouTube, and he has also ventured into the field of music, collaborating with numerous celebrities.

Top 10 lifestyle influencers