Top 6 Influencers For The Christmas Season

Top Influencers for Christmas

Written by Natasha DUIC

November 2, 2023

Top 6 Influencers for Christmas Season 

Christmas is around the corner! And brings with it not only bright lights, joyful songs, and the anticipation of gifts, but also an explosion of creativity and endless options to make this a special time in your year. 

Influencers have revolutionized the way we conceive and experience creativity. In a world driven by social media, these digital personalities have not only conquered the fashion, lifestyle, and beauty panorama but have also unleashed a wave of creative innovation. 

In this article, we want to share our top 5 Influencers for the Christmas season and hope it helps you to find the perfect gift, outfit, food or even DIY project to make this time of the year even more special.  



User:  @zoesugg 

Zoe is a British YouTuber, particularly known for her festive holiday content. She creates vlogs and videos during the Christmas season, showcasing her holiday traditions, decorations, and gift ideas. Many viewers eagerly await her holiday-themed content each year. 


Zoella @zoesugg

Tess Christine:

User: @tesschristinexo

Is a well-known American fashion and lifestyle YouTuber and influencer who is also recognized for her holiday and Christmas content. She creates holiday lookbooks and outfit inspiration videos for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Her videos showcase stylish and festive outfits, often featuring cozy sweaters, elegant dresses, and winter fashion essentials.

Christmas Influencer Tess

Jordan Hanz:

User: @jordanhanz

Is celebrated for her unique and elaborate makeup creations. During the Christmas season, she often shares makeup tutorials that showcase festive and holiday-

themed looks. These can include dramatic eye makeup, face painting, and body art inspired by Christmas motifs like snowflakes, candy canes, and holiday characters.

Christmas Influencer Jordan

Lia Griffith:

User: @liagriffith

Lia is a renowned DIY and crafting influencer who specializes in paper crafts. She offers a wide range of Christmas-related DIY projects, including paper ornaments, wreaths, and holiday decor.

Christmas Influencer Lia

The Sorry Girls:

User: @thesorrygirls

This Canadian duo creates budget-friendly DIY projects, including many Christmas-themed crafts, such as handmade holiday stockings, ornaments, and festive room decor. Kelsey and Becky share creative and eco-friendly ideas for wrapping and presenting presents. This includes DIY gift wrap, gift tags, and packaging that adds an extra special touch to your holiday gifts.

Christmas Influencer The Sorry Girls

Sally’s Baking Addiction

User: @sallysbakeblog

Sally McKenney specializes in baking and shares a variety of Christmas cookie recipes, cakes, and other sweet treats to satisfy your holiday sweet tooth. She is well-known for her annual “Christmas Cookie Palooza,” where she shares a variety of Christmas cookie recipes throughout the holiday season. From classic sugar cookies to more unique and creative options, her cookie recipes are a highlight of her Christmas content.

Christmas Influencer Sally Back

To conclude, Christmas is a reminder of the importance of family, friendship, and generosity. Whether through deep-rooted traditions or through the creativity of influencers, this holiday inspires us to appreciate what we have and to share love and kindness with others. And remember, Christmas is a magical time! 

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