Top influencers committed to a cause

influencers committed to a cause

Written by Justine Lailler

October 23, 2023

The engagement of influencers in significant causes has emerged as a prominent trend in the digital realm. In this article, Territory Influence spotlights influencers who distinguish themselves through their dedication to various societal issues. These influential figures have a positive impact on society and play a pivotal role in advancing change and collective action.

Among the causes discussed, one can find environmental concerns, social and humanitarian initiatives, animal rights, feminism, and self-empowerment. Each of these thematic areas is championed by zealous influencers who are resolute in their mission to make a meaningful difference.

Throughout the course of this article, we will delve into their endeavors, the messages they convey, and their profound influence on society, all the while underscoring the significance of their contributions in the quest for a better world?


Environmentally conscious and eco-responsible influencers

Social media plays a significant role in raising awareness about the environment and eco-conscious consumption, and many influencers stand out for their commitment in this domain. In this section, we will highlight some of the top influencers who use their platforms to promote sustainability and inspire a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.


Margaux – transitiongreen

Margaux is a French influencer who decided to embark on the path of entrepreneurship, combining her two passions: graphic design and the environment. In late 2019, she founded Transition Green, a concept dedicated to guiding individuals interested in adopting a more responsible approach for themselves and the planet. Through Instagram and a growing community of “greeners,” she shares daily tips, advice, projects, and green-related information. After a year and a half, she finally decided to launch her website to provide a more diverse, detailed, and high-quality content for her audience.

Green influencer

Lauren Singer – trashisfortossers

Lauren Singer is the founder of Trash is For Tossers, a hub for daily waste reduction, Zero Waste inspiration, and practical sustainability. She gained fame for fitting a year’s worth of waste into a mason jar, sparking the Zero Waste movement. On Lauren’s Instagram, you’ll find tips, tricks, and tools for reducing waste daily, insight on environmental issues and what can be done to solve them, as well as recipes, guides, DIYs that make sustainable living simple, cost effective, and fun.


Influencers dedicated to social and humanitarian causes

Social media has evolved into a powerful means of raising awareness and driving action for social and humanitarian causes. Numerous influencers use their platforms to champion values and initiatives that positively impact society. In this paragraph, we will highlight some of the most dedicated influencers in these fields. These influencers are true agents of change, leveraging their influence to reshape mindsets and contribute to a better world.


Esther – estherhavens

Esther bridges continents and cultures as an advocate who creates iconic imagery for charities. Over 15 years, she has worked in 75+ countries, raising millions for causes like clean water, anti-trafficking, and healthcare. She captures people’s true essence, prioritizing respect and empowerment. Her work inspires us to see the deep beauty and hope in all of humanity.

humanitarian influencer

Anja – landofhope

Anja is a Danish human rights activist and entrepreneur. She is also known as “landofhope” to her 250K Instagram followers. Through the platform, she actively raises funds to provide nourishment for underprivileged children in Nigeria, advocating for child welfare issues in the region.


Influencers dedicated to the animal rights cause

The animal rights cause is attracting ever-growing attention and activism, with social media playing a pivotal role in raising awareness and championing animal rights. In this article, we will shine a light on some of the most committed influencers in the animal rights movement.


Carlotta – carlottabruna

The Spanish influencer Carlota Bruna advocates for the environment and animal rights. She is one of the most influential spokespersons of the vegan movement, discussing how this dietary practice and lifestyle can have an impact on the planet: reducing the impact of climate change and ending animal cruelty. 

influencers dedicated to the animal rights cause

Hugo – hugoclementk

Hugo Clément is a French journalist and influencer, also well-known for his commitment to the animal welfare cause. Through his reports and publications, he sheds light on issues related to the protection of wildlife, the conservation of biodiversity, and environmental concerns. His work helps raise awareness among the public and inspires concrete actions for the preservation of fauna and flora.


Influencers committed to the feminist cause and self-acceptance

Committed influencers play a crucial role in raising awareness and promoting causes that hold great significance to them. Among the important themes are feminism and self-acceptance. Here, we introduce four influential women who excel in their commitment to these causes. They are instrumental in spreading positive and inspiring messages, thereby facilitating awareness and advocacy for a more equal and inclusive society. They contribute to amplifying the voices of women and championing self-acceptance, thus making a positive impact on contemporary society.


Megan – meganjaynecrabbe

Megan is a renowned figure in changing how women perceive their bodies, amassing over 1.3 million followers on social media. Her best-selling book, “Body Positive Power,” empowers countless individuals to break free from societal beauty standards. An international speaker, Megan has addressed audiences at major events and collaborated with brands and charities, solidifying her commitment to promoting body positivity and inclusivity.

feminist influencer

Sofia – sofiajirau

Sofia is a pioneering model who has broken barriers in the fashion industry as the first model with Down syndrome to star in a major fashion campaign. Beyond her modeling career, Sofia is a vocal advocate for inclusivity and serves as a powerful source of inspiration for many. On social media, she shares her journey and exemplifies the importance of diversity and challenges stereotypes, making her a symbol of empowerment both on and off the runway.

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