Clubhouse updates: 4 adds that will help grow your business

Written by Juliette Maumelat

November 24, 2021

As the platform is still pretty new, Clubhouse is taking the next steps to push its audience appeal and satisfaction to another level. For those of you that are still not familiar with Clubhouse, it is a drop-in audio social media app on which users can gather in rooms with certain topics and discuss about it by voice only.

The almost two years old application is continuously developing and improving by adding features. Here are the top 4 tools that make Clubhouse trendy and relevant for marketers:


1. Live closed captions

After Instagram Stories and Reels, TikTok, YouTube and Twitter Spaces, captioning is finally available on Clubhouse.

The new live captions tools will enable users to follow along the audio live in text format. This new feature appears as a big game-changer with various benefits:

  • Improve accessibility
  • People can tune in “sound off” situation
  • Clarify context and meaning
  • Help deaf people that could not use the app before

Right now, the captions are only available in English and for iOS users but Clubhouse talked about 12 more languages that are in beta testing. (French, German, Italian, Arabic…) In front of the challenging rise of Twitter Space, Clubhouse is still growing with many opportunities especially in India with 10.3M downloads in India vs 5M in the US.

2. 13 additional languages

The app was initially only available in English. Since early November, 13 new languages were added so people can enjoy the platform in a more native way. Every day, millions of people met, make friends, debate, share ideas and so on. These new languages possibilities open the door for global opportunities and international expansion.

“Clubhouse is now up to 32.7 million total downloads globally” App Annie’s stats

3. Pinned links

Pinned links are one of the greatest opportunities for brands and influencer marketing. This new feature allows creators to pin a link on the top of their room. Pinned links are used in many different ways, to share polls, articles or YouTube videos for instance. For entrepreneurs, small creators or even big brands, it will also be a great way to drive an audience to their website.

 4. Replays

“Live But Later”

A Clubhouse room is a shared space that creates communities and gathers people around common subjects. However, sometimes some creators can’t participate or join midway through the live. In that way, anyone on the app can rewatch the entire experience whenever they are available and like to do so. Creators can choose to activate the replay mode or not.

We know clubhouse is controversial, but this recent new social media is still relevant by proposing new features that might interest your business. Wherever there are lots of people, which is the case of Clubhouse, there are always great opportunities for companies. The audience of the platform is super relevant and insightful as they are often experts in their subjects. Clubhouse does still have a path to ongoing success and become a key connective app for diverse sectors and demographic groups.

You are interested in developing your business with a social media strategy and Clubhouse is one of them? Contact our experts so they can provide you with a tailored strategy to find the perfect match.