#HowTo Use Instagram Live Rooms for more Creativity

IG Live Rooms

Written by Pascale VIGENER

May 3, 2021

TikTok, Clubhouse, Zoom… Virtual applications are more popular than ever before due to the corona pandemic and its lockdowns. No shopping, no concerts, or no parties – people seek human get-togethers that are currently only possible virtually. To create more interactions, Instagram recently released a new feature: the IG Live Rooms. It offers the option to start a live broadcast on split-screen with four people and host interactive panels.

Influencers, content creators, or artists can, for example, appear together to entertain followers and fans. Of course, companies also benefit from this. Whether with a talk show, Q&A sessions, interactive community tutorials, or live shopping events: there are no limits to the creativity to present your brand in the spotlight! A very similar format is probably already known from the hyped audio-only app Clubhouse, which we featured in our last blog post. If you have not had time to check it out yet, you can find our post here.

IG Live Rooms vs. Clubhouse?

As just mentioned, the IG Live feature is often compared to Clubhouse. There, with 8,000 viewers, more than ten people can talk at the same time – but only IOS device users and people with an invitation can join. This is different on IG Live: without a separate invitation and via any operating system, Instagram users can start and/or participate in a live session. This means more viewers and more visibility. Unlike Clubhouse, IG Rooms works with video as well as audio, which offers a wide range of marketing opportunities for brands. Even though only four people can talk during an Instagram Live Room, millions of viewers can watch the show live. Interaction with the community is also encouraged, as viewers can write comments and send emojis. However, most interested is: how can you as a brand manager and influencer use the new feature?

4 Ways to Use IG Live Rooms for your Marketing Strategy

After explaining the new features of IG Live Rooms and its similarities to Clubhouse, we want to give you some ideas on how you can cooperate with influencers to create some buzz for your (first) IG Live room session:

1. Host exciting Q&A sessions

Q&A sessions are real audience magnets, where the viewers decide about the content of the conversation. These interactive discussion rounds allow spontaneity and guarantee a personal and authentic experience. It offers the opportunity to gain exciting consumer insights for your brand, in a direct exchange with your consumers. But before you get started, your session should have a clear structure to not drift away from the actual topic. In addition to your expertise, you can also invite a co-host. Influencers are very popular for this. On the one hand, they create a lot of attention for your session, and on the other hand, they bring engaged and interested followers with them – in other words, ideal guests.

2. Do real-time product testing

Potential customers want to see your brand in action! And what is more suitable, authentic, and convincing than testing products live in front of the camera? Be it products from beauty, haircare, or consumer electronics, with IG Live, application possibilities and advantages can be shown directly. Our tip: Let one or more (nano) influencers use your products live and leverage from the recommendation of real brand lovers. Also during such a session, viewers can ask questions about the products and give you feedback via chat: A dialogue at eye level.

3. Live Shopping event with Macro Influencers

Live Shopping is becoming easier and faster than ever with IG Live Rooms. With Instagram’s Live Shopping feature, you can sell your products during the live session. How does it work? Simply add a link that allows viewers to add products directly to their shopping cart. To give it an even more personal touch, you could mention and thank the customer for their purchase live. This adds appreciation and closeness to the session. On top, you can collaborate with Macro Influencers to increase reach, awareness, and engagement.

4. Educational event with Niche Influencers

An IG Live Rooms educational session is perfect if you want your brand to address a specific niche topic or if you have slightly complex products which need more explanation. Because this way you can inform in detail about certain services, product benefits or background stories. Especially the topic of health or sustainability often requires a well-founded explanation to prevent e.g. greenwashing or misinformation. Use the expertise of niche influencers to communicate such topics to the community in a more trustworthy and professional way. Another great thing is that questions can be asked and discussed at any time of the event.

Be more human as a brand and start an exchange with customers

With IG Live Rooms you are personal and, in direct exchange with customers, experts or influencers. It offers unlimited possibilities for interactive marketing, where brands can give free rein to their creativity to authentically reach the right audience. We are already looking forward to many creative live sessions in the coming months.

Do you want to use IG Rooms for your influencer marketing strategy? Contact our experts! They will create an individual concept for you to start your first live campaign.