It’s a Match: Clubhouse & Influencers

Clubhouse & Influencer Marketing

Written by Pascale VIGENER

February 26, 2021

With all the hype about Clubhouse, we want to show how this new social audio platform can be used by marketers to work with influencers in a new way. It’ll be a new era of influencer marketing in which first, no content editing is possible and second, (until now) no sharing or hashtags options are available. It’s a networking app with real-time conversations and discussions. But before digging deeper into business opportunities


What is Clubhouse?

For those ones who have been trapped in the lockdown blues and have crawled under the bedspread: Clubhouse is a drop-in audio social media app on which users can gather in rooms with certain topics which are created by others to have a conversation with them – by voice only. As a user you see various rooms depending on how many followers you have. Therefore, your own Clubhouse network decides on what content/rooms you will be able to see – meaning extent your network continuously to see more real-time discussions. You can compare the setup to an exhibition booth at a fair or to a real-time podcast. In case you want to speak up in one of the rooms the host will pick you as a speaker from the audience and bring you on “stage”. All other people are just listeners and cannot unmute themselves.


Who is on Clubhouse?

The crazy hype around Clubhouse has been triggered by the huge attendance of various celebrities – in the U.S., but also, for example, in Germany with actors, singers, and even politicians, ranging from Drake, Kevin Hart, to Tiffany Haddish and now Elon Musk. Now, Clubhouse fascinates the entire digital scene with marketing specialists, brand managers, agencies, and, of course, influencers.


How can brands & influencers cooperate on Clubhouse?

Wherever there are lots of people, and in the case of Clubhouse, a lot of marketers and brand experts, there are always great opportunities for companies. After explaining the what and who, we want to give you some ideas on how you can cooperate with influencers to create some buzz for your (first) Clubhouse room:

  • 1. Authentic content & big audiences (Macro, Star)

If you, as a brand, are already working with influencers on Instagram or have long-term cooperations, you are in the perfect position to get started with clubhouse-ing.

On Clubhouse, influencers have the chance to speak authentically on your topics, especially when they already know your product. This works very well with Macro & Star influencers as they bring a larger audience with them who is keen on learning more about what the influencer is talking about.

  • 2. Opinion poll made easy (Nano, Micro)

Turning to the smaller size of influencers, you can still leverage on the benefits of Clubhouse. Are you launching a new product or service and still unsure about some features? Where can you get opinions real-time feedback? Easy, maybe in an exciting discussion on Clubhouse. Here you can collect impressions and suggestions free of charge. Maybe you even extend it into a sampling activation afterwards and use a Clubhouse room to get feedback on current developments.

  • 3. Get yourself involved (Corporate)

Also interesting: Corporate influencers. You could also build your own corporate influencers who represent your company and brand on Clubhouse by distributing themselves in relevant spaces, listening, and getting involved. As we’re already talking corporate: another option is to get into a conversation with potential applicants and answer questions about your company in a dedicated room. Employer branding could be successful on Clubhouse if you’re smart about it.


What does the fortune teller say?

If Clubhouse remains relevant, is a big discussion in the worldwide web. Because: First, Clubhouse is currently involved in some data security issues, second, how long will the hype be hyped, and last but not least, how will creators be rewarded for their engagement on Clubhouse. All open questions, however, this new format of audio-only, if on Clubhouse or another app, will in our opinion remain relevant in the future and come with promising new approaches for influencer marketing.

Are you interested in identifying and activating the best performing creators for your first Clubhouse session? Contact our experts. They will offer you a tailored strategy to find the perfect match.