Case Study

We activated female nano influencers to raise awareness for the new period underwear by NUR DIE. The goal was to inform about the alternative menstrual product and to create online awareness through user generated content and authentic reviews for the online shop.

Nano influencers to achieve authentic product ratings and reviews

We carefully selected 120 female nano influencers out of 7.000 applications. The engaged influencers tested and rated the new period underwear by NUR DIE as a sustainable alternative to other menstrual products like tampons or pads.

The NUR DIE period underwear comes in 2 different designs, 4 sizes and offers 2 types depending on the intensity of your menstrual flow. They are washable, reusable, provide great comfort and prevent leakage for over 12 hours. The nano influencers received a package with period underwear in their individual size each in 2 different designs and flow types. 

9 out of 10 women recommend NUR DIE

Thanks to amazing word of mouth marketing we were able to achieve great online as well as offline impressions for the period underwear. With the conception of our nano campaign, we were able to convince many women to use the newly launched period underwear by NUR DIE.

We additionally received an amazing response from the testers:

“What I definitely want to highlight is, that thanks to this underwear I experienced the most relaxing menstruation ever. What do you want more?

I love wearing them during night and day time. I wear them preferably with wider pants. It’s just amazing!” ~ inspo_liebe_ (nano influencer)

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Brand impressions

Offline reach

Women convinced

Women recommend


Purchase intention