[Infographic] Boost your influencer marketing strategy

Boost Your Influencer Marketing

Written by Juliette Maumelat

October 27, 2022

According to Kantar, successful advertising reaches the right people, in the relevant context, with excellent content. How can influencers help brands to ensure reach, receptivity, and effectiveness throughout the year?

See the infographic below to get marketing tips just for you with Territory Influence and Kantar insights!

At Territory Influence we put a particular importance in finding the best influencers and powerful voices to amplify and promote your brand values. You can have a look at our differents case studies for the different market industries and contact us if you wish to have a tailored made strategy for your brand.

To get more insightful tips watch the replay of our webinar with Kantar so you’ll know about:


  • Key benefits of influencer marketing & integrated campaigns
  • Consumer insights & brand case studies in various industries
  • Best practices & practical recommendations