#Webinar: Survival Guide To Social Media Influencers

Webinar | Survival guide to social media influencers

Written by Orsolya Bakos

February 26, 2021

46,000 nano, micro and macro influencers told their stories

After a 6-month research across Europe and the USA, together with our partner Macromedia University, we have identified 5 types of social media influencers, who will be introduced during our serie of online events.

We will address the following questions:

  • Who are the social media influencers in terms of values? 
  • What influencer persona(s) would work for your brand and market?
  • How should you address them and their online communities?
  • Where? From classic platforms to the new Tiktok & Twitch.
  • What are the trends you need to know for your 2021 plan?

Save the date!

Our webinar will be available in English on 23rd February, and we’ll have events accross Europe on the 25th February. If you would like to register to one of the events, click on the links below:

ENG: https://info.territory-influence.com/survival-guide-to-social-media-influencers

DE: https://info.territory-influence.com/de/survival-guide-influencer-typen

FR: https://info.territory-influence.com/fr/guide-2021-social-media-influence

IT: https://info.territory-influence.com/it-it/survival-guide-to-social-media-influencers

ES: https://info.territory-influence.com/es/survival-guide-to-social-media-influencers-1

PL: https://info.territory-influence.com/pl/survival-guide-to-social-media-influencers-3

HU: https://info.territory-influence.com/hu-hu/hu-survival-guide-to-social-media-influencers


In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact us at hello-influence@territory.group. We’re looking forward to guiding you through the digital jungle! See you there! 🙂